T Project, música, danza y moda

T Project, music, dance and fashion

But what is T Project? It is dance, it is theater, it is music, it is art. It is a collective where artists from different worlds shape a concept through theater and that are articulated through new languages.

This new company, recently created, is formed by the DJ and electronic producer Omvra, the contemporary dancer Mellow Pillow and the fashion designer and multidisciplinary artist Zhanna Dymchenko, also creator of the clothing brand Zhannaona.

Right now, T Project  is working on creating his first show. A piece that they want the public to feel close to, but at the same time connect them with their mystical and transcendental side, using, as one of the main elements, the aesthetics. Through garments marked with the seal Zhannaona, this first show will challenge the public by addressing issues such as personal search of a woman in a transcendental drama that reflects the different realities in which people live, among other issues.

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