Because clothes, accessories or styles are much more than simple garments. They help us express, transmit ideas, create or define concepts. Under this premise, the Artist Room was born, through which from Zhannaona we help artists, dancers, performers, singers or DJs to create styles that reinforce their speech, their ideas, their show or their personality.

The last collaboration we have done in this area has been the creation of a style for the latest show by Diego Garrido, an incredible dancer, member of a powerful contemporary dance collective: Ironskulls.


Create a visually unique garment

The show, Without Fears, talks about turbulence, darkness, insecurity, oppression, of a tortuous journey towards the identity of one’s own being. Our challenge was to create a style capable of providing drama and supporting the discourse of the show. At the same time, the garment that we created had to overcome some technical limitations and obstacles that the order presented to us, adjusting to the constant movement and showing resistance to the harsh conditions of use to which it would be subjected.

Result: A poetic and resistant style

For this we created a monochrome overall made up of crepe trousers and a very long-sleeved lycra top that meets the foot and another layer of translucent tulle with an asymmetric cut. Thanks to the layers and transparencies, the desired effect is achieved: a wardrobe that brings poetry to the show and that accompanies the dance with a very unique visual effect.

The neck fitted in the front, becomes elastic at the back so that it is possible to wear the jumpsuit and at the same time it is well supported during the performance. Taking into account the use to which the piece was intended, we have sought to reinforce the seams with a special thread to make them more resistant and to withstand all the movement to which it is subjected during the dance. In the same way, we have also worked to reinforce the sole of the foot with a stronger fabric for the comfort of the dancer and to ensure the resistance of the garment to its use.


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