Inspired by the multiverse theory. We are talking about DIMENSIONS,  the new Zhannaona collection. A collection full of conceptuality and very avant-garde garments with a common element: transformation.

Dimensions invites us to look beyond our reality. A new gaze that goes through concepts such as space, time, diversity or transformation that questions the existence of a single universe to transport us to a multidimensional world, urging us to discover new realities.

All of this is materialized in 14 items that are committed to intelligent sustainability and a genderless wardrobe. Garments that change, mutate and transform. They are designed to create different looks with few elements so they can be used for multiple occasions. Garments designed for today’s life, for our day to day: comfortable, that adapt to the body and that allow freedom of movement. So useful for teleworking from home as for going out to party on a special occasion. And the thing is that if all the elements of the Dimensions collection have something in common it is their versatility.

A versatility that has been sought from a sustainable perspective. We are talking about garments that change and mutate, so that a single T-shirt can have an equivalent use as five pieces of clothing, betting on slow fashion and a minimalist wardrobe with thoughtful elements made especially so they have a very long life.

Dimensions presents relaxed and expanded silhouettes with oversized pieces of clothing and monochromatic garments. The drapes, ruffles and necklines stand out in these complex and original garments. They are worked from a current and ethical style that is materialized through fabrics such as cotton, viscose jersey or linen. As the ZO label is, many of Dimensions’ items feature hand-painted motifs, one more way to make them unique and special.

Physis Collection performance
Contemporary Dance dresses as ZO
T Project image performance
T Project, when music, dance and fashion are one
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