Physis, meaning nature in ancient Greek (Φύσις), is a word that comes from the verb phyo, which means to grow or sprout. A word that gives its name to this collection in which the pieces are inspired by the natural growth experience. Everything flows and transforms over time, following its own unique and special pattern. The expansion of the universe, the growth of a flower or the connections of neurons in our brain.

The Physis pieces are born from the interaction with the forces of nature and free play with materials. The gravity, the wind, the texture of the fabric; is all part of the creation process. A creative process that arises from the hands of its creator, Zhanna Dymchenko, and nature.

Dymchenko throws the pieces to the ground and surrenders to the intervention of chance; watch how they change and what happens. The design is not subject to any prior plan. The designer lets it flow and emerge. The result is asymmetrical garments with spiral patterns that balance the shapes of the human silhouette while in movement.



An existential journey to the inner self through art

The Fashion Movie Physis portrays an existential journey towards oneself through dance, music, poetry and fashion. Dancers and female figures form this image through movement or staticity; also based on how the garments communicate with the space itself and with nature. It is a dialogue between the human being and her ego: a spiral path of life and death.

In this work, the designer shows the public her transversal gaze towards art, supporting her creations in this new collection with music, interpretation and design. The Soundtrack, created by Dymchenko and David Amo, and its lyrics written and performed by Dymnchenko herself, blend seamlessly with the production and image of the piece.


Zhannaona Upgrading Space
Performance Caged Dress: Upgrading Spaces at Keigio Design
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