ZO fashion is born from the creative universe of its creator, Zhanna Dymchenko. A universe that unfolds far beyond fashion itself, made up of other disciplines such as abstract painting, performance or electronic music. Disciplines that in turn shape and nurture Zhannaona designs.

From this artistic fusion arises the proposal “Upgrading Spaces”, in which Dymchenko creates performances based on a space and a concept and interacts with it through art, creating an ephemeral and special setting. With this idea, she intervened a few weeks ago in the Keigio Design space, known for its modular furniture designs.


Keigio design, ephemeral symbolism

For this occasion, Dymchenko chose to create a dialogue between Keigio’s modular pieces and her own designs, choosing a tank dress and a large skirt. The link between the two worlds was the artist herself, who through this show wanted to illustrate that when we pursue a purpose, we explode beyond the boxes in which society frames us.

In this performance the artist makes her experience visible: how complicated her path is, as well as inspiring. She represents it through the journey that takes place between the birth of an idea and its realization, representing how she herself, the protagonist of her own, reaches the revelation at the moment of the result.

Physis Collections shotting
We launched the Fashion Movie for the new Physis collection
Physis Collection performance
Contemporary Dance dresses as ZO
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