Zhannaona is a fashion brand created by Zhanna Dymchenko in which timeless and ethno-futuristic garments converge with volumes, drapes and asymmetries with a minimalist cut. Inspired by electronic music, abstract art and the performing arts, Zhannaona translates designs of stages and catwalks to an urban environment, giving rise to garments and accessories with fine and elegant lines that stand out for their comfort. Garments that find in the Japanese cut the perfect base to balance the human body and find harmony of movement.


Behind Zhannaona is Zhanna Dymchenko, a transversal artist of Ukrainian-Greek background. Zhanna has a long career in diverse fields such as electronic music, poetry, abstract painting and abstract performance. Passionate about avant-garde pattern making, she began working on costume designs for music videos, shows or performances such as Live Painting or Live Pattern. The result are creations with a very unique style, defined by her passions, artistic and creative universe in which there are often references to the world of sound, poetry, painting or quantum physics. Considered a work of art in themselves, the garments created by Dymchenko are the protagonists of a story or a plot and are accompanied by a soundtrack and a unique poetic discourse for each one of them.


The Zhannaona collections are genderless. They are born from a multidisciplinary creative universe, such as the fusion of techniques and development methods, random pattern making, origami or deconstruction. Starting from a base pattern, the design is transformed through a construction process based on intuition. ZO garments stand out because of their elastic and knitted fabrics. The use of a monochromatic range of black and the handmade printing of fabrics with ecological acrylic paints is also one of its hallmarks. Each piece is conceived as a work of art in itself. Zhannaona collections are limited and timeless, seeking exclusivity while positioning themselves as a sustainable local production brand; always working with artisan workshops in Barcelona and its surroundings. The garments are produced to order, with no stock available. Once the purchase is made, the Zhannaona team will inform you of each step of the process, until the moment of delivery.
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