Zhannaona at Ombra Festival

Zhannaona at Ombra Festival


A Collaboration of the Arts

We're thrilled to share that Zhanna Dymchenko, the visionary behind ZO lab, participated in this year's Ombra Festival. Known for blending fashion, music, and photography, the Ombra Festival provides a unique platform for innovative artists to break boundaries and create creative connections.

Zhannaona actively pursued her vision of an inspiring creative environment, collaborating with artists from the fashion, music, and photography industries. One standout collaboration was with renowned photographer Rebeca Balas. Together, they shaped the visual identity of the Ombra Festival, transforming Zhannaona's artistic impulses into stunning photographs.

Rebeca Balas, with her unique photographic style, brought Zhannaona's festival campaign to life. The images capture the essence of the creative fusion Zhannaona strives for, reflecting the passion of both artists in creating an inspiring and inclusive space for all engaged in the world of art and creativity.

Join this journey and discover the endless possibilities of art with Zhannaona.


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