OMBRA FESTIVAL, a project that was born in 2018 by the OMBRA Agency and the Catalan record label Oráculo Records with the aim of creating a meeting place for lovers of analog and avant-garde sounds.

It is an annual event that takes place in various historical and cultural spaces in Barcelona.

In the fourth edition of the festival, Zhannaona intervened with a parade-performance. The show consisted of 3 parts, beginning with a live pattern that was made by the designer and multidisciplinary artist Zhanna Dymchenko.

An experimental show that is born from disruption and disfigures the ordinary to offer something genuinely unique. 

The spectators were able to discover live the power of art, fashion, music, which gives life to the designer fashion brand of transformable, sustainable clothing made in Barcelona, by the hand of the Ukrainian artist Zhanna Dymchenko

There RED LINE collection was present at the Poble Español Input Room Showroom, with a selection of streetwear like Zhannaona t-shirts, hoodies, masks and accessories so you can experience the transformability and quality of her designs in person.


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