Collection: ARE YOU HUMAN?

Drop #1 FW24 ARE YOU HUMAN? by Zhannaona: Sustainable Fashion, Social Consciousness and Avant-Garde
This collection delves into social awareness and sustainable fashion, addressing global issues such as wars, hunger, and climate change. Comprising four capsules, it emphasizes versatility and body diversity, with some garments designed under the zero-waste concept. ARE YOU HUMAN? embodies our commitment to sustainable fashion and local production in Barcelona, using recycled materials and creating transformative pieces. The color palette is based on dark tones complemented by hints of white and pale pink.
The collection showcases comfortable, asymmetrical, and oversized silhouettes, featuring unique details like atypical collars and hoods. Inspired by deconstruction and origami, it offers an urban and avant-garde aesthetic.
Accompanied by accessories referencing the world of entertainment and adorned with thought-provoking messages, ARE YOU HUMAN? seeks to convey a message of reflection and action for a more conscious world.
ARE YOU HUMAN? Choose sustainable fashion and save the planet. Shop consciously for a more humane and mindful future.