Collection: RED LINE

"An imaginary point of no return" 
Our latest RED LINE collection evokes the clothing of warriors from various cultures such as Vikings and samurais. RED LINE inspires bravery and courage, the qualities of historical warriors. 
Relaxed silhouettes, volumes and geometries. Comfort, minimalism and simplicity come together for powerful looks that inspire us to remain firm and prepared for the great challenge that we experience in our daily lives.
RED LINE is made up of basics in an asymmetric cut and polished pattern design, raw finishes and natural materials such as fluid viscose, cotton, organic plush, wool and satin cotton crepe. Tops, loose garments and dresses are stripped down, with no more trademark than bold silhouettes designed with minimalist construction techniques. Elegant yet comfortable and relaxed silhouettes combining polished bauhaus geometries.
Loose-fitting dresses with asymmetries give way to XL (body diversity) sizes, so unique to the brand. 
Volumes in oversize garments and Japanese cut draping in classic black and red with little detail as a sign of this collection's manifesto. Transformable and reversible garments are still very present in the DNA of the brand. 
Agender coats, tops and skirts stylize all types of bodies.
As a firm of Ukrainian origin, we want to commemorate the challenging present with this artistic language.