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SHARED WARDROBE / AGENDER //   clothing and accessories ZHANNAONA they have no gender, they are designed to be used by anyone without being defined by their gender. SHARE WARDROBE WITH WHOEVER YOU WANT!
SIZE DOESN'T DEFINE YOU //   most clothes ZHANNAONA They comfortably adapt to different types of volumes and bodies. The same garment looks good on a slim and voluminous silhouette. If a body changes, the garment accompanies it with this change and adapts.
TRANSFORMABLE PENDAS //   The designs of ZHANNAONA they transform, turning the same garment into several different ones that can be used differently for each occasion. LESS CLOTHING, MORE LOOKS!! For a more ethical consumption!
ZERO WASTE / ZERO WASTE   // The clothes ZERO WASTE They are designed so that they do not generate textile waste in the process of cutting the fabric. All cut fabric is used 100%. 

KM 0   /  ECO   //   All items  ZHANNAONA They are designed and made by artisans in Barcelona with high quality and organic materials.


Via STYLING, ZHANNAONA designs and creates costumes to convey ideas, concepts and emotions. These creations help complete and enhance the visual result of the artistic proposal. ZHANNAONA accompanies the production team of music videos, photo sessions and / or shows, providing support and aesthetic advice.


creation of concept and design of clothing for shows, cinema, theater and/or performances as a whole.
With this, all the needs of the production, from the pattern and materials, through the range of colors and style, to the preparation, production and staging.

Zhanna Dymchenko

In back of Zhannaona it is Zhanna Dymchenko, a transverse artist of origin Ukrainian-Greek. Zhanna has a long career in various fields such as electronic music, the poetry and the performance. Passionate about creating avant-garde patterns, began working on costume designs for music videos, shows or performances as Live Painting O Live Pattern (live patronage). The result is creations with a very singular, defined by his passions and his artistic and creative universe in which there are often references to the world of sound, poetry, painting or quantum physics. Considered a work of art in itself, the garments created by Dymchenko They are the protagonists of a story or plot and they are accompanied by a soundtrack and a unique poetic discourse for each of them.