Behind ZHANNAONA is Zhanna Dymchenko, a transversal artist of Ukrainian-Greek origin. With an extensive background in fields such as electronic music, poetry and performance, Zhanna has forged her path creating cutting-edge patterns and costume designs for music videos, shows and live performances, such as Live Painting or Live Pattern. (direct patronage). Her creations are true pieces of art, with a unique style defined by his passions and her artistic and creative universe. In each garment, you can find references to the world of sound, poetry, painting and quantum physics. Each one of them has its own soundtrack and a unique poetic discourse, becoming protagonists of a story or plot.


Our product development service goes beyond creativity and sustainability, as we are also proud to highlight that our team is made up of Ukrainian refugee women. These talented and resilient women bring their unique experience and skills, offering a specialized approach and diverse perspective to each project. We work hand in hand with them in our own workshop, providing advice, guidance and help in the development of ideas, as well as in the preparation of collections in small quantities.

We are pleased to collaborate with designers and fashion brands committed to sustainability and local commerce, providing comprehensive support and promoting inclusion in the industry. Together, we create quality products, reflecting ethical values and promoting the empowerment of these women. Each step of the process is carried out in a careful and respectful manner, ensuring that each piece is unique and tells a special story.


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Through our styling service, Zhannaona channels her creativity to design and create costumes that convey ideas, concepts and emotions. These creations not only complement, but also visually enhance the entire artistic proposal. We are proud to accompany production teams on music videos, photo shoots and shows, providing solid support and aesthetic advice. Our goal is to make sure every detail of the wardrobe perfectly reflects the artistic vision and helps tell the story in an impactful and memorable way.

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Are you an artist, dancer, DJ, actor or theater group looking to enhance your shows or develop a concept or aesthetic idea through costumes? We'd love to hear about your project! At Zhannaona, we are committed to creating stunning, custom wardrobes that perfectly align with your artistic vision. Tell us more about your project and together let's make your boldest ideas a reality. We are ready to collaborate with you and take your performances to a new stylistic level. Contact us and let's bring your vision to life!

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