Collection: ONA

In "ONA", we explore the multiple dimensions of style by merging Greek silhouettes with urban elements and androgynous aesthetics. We play with extra-large volumes, drapes, and deconstructed garments, creating a unique expression of contemporary fashion. We draw inspiration from a wide variety of influences, from classics of avant-garde fashion to the most underground subcultures, creating a stylistic universe where diversity is celebrated. This collection is a manifesto of individuality and self-expression. Through ripped fabrics, exposed seams, and post-punk elements, we celebrate the rebellious spirit that resides in each of us. We experiment with unisex skirts, transparencies, and zero waste garments, including skirts that transform into dresses and tops, thus challenging traditional fashion conventions. Our color palette expands, including tones such as bone white and burgundy. We have fun with prints like wine glass stains on shirts, telling hedonistic stories that bring our designs out of the darkness to stroll through the city of Barcelona. In our first release, "Drop #1", we delve into female empowerment. We focus on connecting with women of all ages who feel free and fun, without losing the essence of a young, entrepreneurial, and creative woman.