In ZHANNAONA, gender does not define your style. Our gender-fluid value gives you the freedom to find clothing that represents your authenticity without restrictions. We design our collections with all forms of expression in mind, from the bold and avant-garde to the subtle and delicate. Here, each person can explore and discover fashion that will resonate with their true self. Join our inclusive fashion revolution and choose clothes that empower you no matter how you identify!



At Zhannaona, we believe in the diverse beauty that resides in a variety of bodies. We are proud to offer inclusive fashion that embraces and celebrates body diversity in all its forms. Our mission is to challenge restrictive beauty standards and design garments that fit and enhance the unique beauty of each individual. Our collections cover a wide range of volumes and body types, offering versatile garments that adapt to different silhouettes. We recognize that bodies change and evolve, so our garments are designed to keep up with those changes and fit each person. At ZHANNAONA, we value beauty in all its manifestations and strive to provide inclusive fashion that makes everyone feel good, regardless of their body type.



Discover the revolution in your wardrobe with our collection of transformable clothing. At Zhannaona, we believe that versatility is the future of an environmentally conscious person with a passion for fashion.

Imagine having a garment that can be adapted to different styles and occasions with just a couple of movements. Our transformable clothing allows you to explore multiple looks without overfilling your closet. Less is more, and versatility is the key.


ECO 360

At Zhannaona, we are proud to say that our garments are handcrafted by Ukrainian refugee women in Barcelona, who pay exceptional attention to every detail of their work. We do not generate stock, but we work on demand, which allows us to offer unique and personalized garments. Many of our pieces are designed with the zero waste concept, minimizing the waste of materials at each stage of the production process. In addition, all our suppliers are local, which allows us to support and promote the economy of our community.

When you choose Zhannaona, you're not only buying high-quality, ethical fashion, but you're also supporting a sustainable and collaborative supply chain. You contribute to reducing waste and promoting creativity and innovation in the fashion industry.

Join us and discover 360 degree ethical fashion that goes beyond simple production in our workshop in Barcelona. Each garment you choose is an expression of our commitment to sustainability and creative collaboration. We design, manufacture and transform waste into valuable resources, and each handmade piece is made by Ukrainian refugee women in Barcelona. Together, we create a future where ethical fashion and creativity merge in harmony. Join the revolution and be part of the positive change in the fashion industry!

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