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Transformable hooded cardigan ALBADA

Transformable hooded cardigan ALBADA

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This cardigan, with a hood and integrated belt, is a very versatile piece, designed with travel in mind and the possibility of creating different urban, cosmopolitan looks with your own style from a small suitcase. In the neck area, it has an opening to pass the hood in front, turning it into a necklace.
A genderfluid piece that gives you the possibility of creating infinite looks. Flip it over and turn it into an apron, shirt or dress. Combine it with jeans, flared or tight dresses. Take it classic during the day with an urban twist and transform it for evening occasions. You have a thousand ways to combine this cardigan!

ZHANNAONA's designs are transformed, turning the same garment into several different ones and can be used differently for each occasion.

ZHANNAONA's clothing and accessories are genderless, share a wardrobe with whoever you want!
ZHANNAONA garments adapt to different types of volumes and bodies. They are designed in such a way that they stylize corpulent silhouettes, but at the same time they give volume to a slim body. This concept is designed to achieve a universal piece. Some garments are created from a geometric figure. We can see how the shapes of the garment adapt perfectly to any type of body. They are pieces that are halfway between an art object and fashion, breaking the standards of conventional fashion. 

By buying this garment you support ethical consumption. We have designed and made it by hand in Barcelona, with love and so that it stays in your wardrobe for a long time. We use ecological fabrics, because we believe in a more sustainable future.

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